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The above photograph is a shot of the back of the figurehead. You can now clearly see the wood laminates and one of the anchor points. Another is a little further down the body.

I will add a few more pieces of timber near the scroll heads, which are either side of the base. I have arranged the 'building up' of this block so as to minimise the amount of wood to be carved off.

I have roughly carved the front and now working my way to the rear. This is a good way to get correct proportions. The scroll heads will be carved at the correct angle of the bow, so as to fit flush against the hull of the ship.

The start of the trail boards will also be carved within the scroll head. I will show more of this soon......

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It is important to carve the face at this stage so as to establish the figurehead's character. It's a good idea to spend some time getting the face just "right". This sets the tone for the remainder of the carving process. First thing in the morning, I take a good look at the face, which prepares me for the day's carving. This may sound a little strange, but has the effect of setting a particular style for the carving of the drapery, hands etc.

I will post more pics very soon.....keep watching this page...

Carving process continued

Carving continues............