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The Scroll Head is now carved, making sure that the middle of the scroll "Head" is cut to the same angle as the ship's bow and the scroll itself, carved at the angle of the bow to meet the start of the trail board/s. The wood below the immediate scroll will be cut, also to the ship's rake. This wood only remains to support the base of the figurehead at this stage and I'll show the final shape soon!

The Figurehead is now turned on its back in order to carve the drapery. The Scroll Heads will be carved in this position also. In this position, which is like viewing the figurehead from below when it's attached to the ship's bow, gives a good perspective for the sweep of the drapery and the correct angle for carving the start of the scroll patterns that attach to the Trail Boards.

  • This is the shape of the base of the Scroll-Head. The two supports have been cut off and the figurehead is now supported by a bolted plank for stability. I've cut the drapery grooves fairly deep so it can be seen to be flowing. This is important, especially from a distance. The top ends of the drapery will now be carved so as to flow into the scroll heads on both sides. This will be shown in a day or so.
  • Carving continues............