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The Crop Circles Enigma - Explained

"Crop, Corn Circles" - 'An Energy Field Physics Perspective'

Circles of the Gods

Recent advances in field physics reveal that the phenomenon is in fact the effect of low energy. electromagnetic vortex field activity.

In 1986 a Sydney-based energy research team announced the dicovery of a hitherto unknown, low-energy, spiralling electromagnetic (EM) field.

World media at the time described it as one fundamental field of formative energy, or a ‘unified field’. This meant what was once regarded as empty space, or a void, was in fact a dynamic ‘sea’ of interacting electromagnetic fields, electrically charged ‘plasma’ and a host of unidentified sub-atomic particles.

The titanic sea of energy has been estimated by Japan’s Hitachi Corporation as being in the order of one billion volts per cubic centimeter. Possibly it is the ‘unfolding’ of this one primary field and its condensation at certain points that creates the bizarre crop patterns.

VORTEX CENTERS: Eastern vedic science states that the universal life force energy which creates and nourishes all things arrives in a curved path or spiral and brings with it the forces of attraction and repulsion which are today known as electromagnetism. The spiral is significant – in the configuration of a whirling nebula, the helical motion of the planets, in sea shells, plants and flowers, in the human body and in the DNA molecule within the nucleus of every living cell.

Just as major chakra ‘wheels’ or vortices of life force energy exist in the human organism, so the earth has major energy centers. The Bermuda Triangle and another in Japan called the Dragon’s Triangle, along with a point in Australia’s Bass Strait are some better known examples. Minor energy centers can be likened to the numerous electromagnetically active centers in the human organism. Long revered in Britain as sacred sites, certain energy centers became locations for constructions like Stonehenge, Avebury and Silbury Hill. Later, Christian churches were invariably built over more ancient remains in these areas, the Wessex Triangle being one of them.

Life energy in the human system produces conduits, known as ‘meridians’. The earth has its own meridian system which corresponds to the Dragon Currents in China and the ley lines in Britain. The symbols often seen in Aboriginal art depict the underground telluric of ‘serpent’ currents existing in our landscape. Their sacred sites and pathways always accord with this understanding.

Just as the human organism is reliant upon a constant, natural exchange of energy with our surrounding environment, so is the earth. If this exchange is impaired, a burst of outside energy can restore the balance. Increasing ecological imbalance could well explain any escalation of this activity.

THE CORN FIELD CONNECTION: Given that integrating vorticeal fields are continually superimposing themselves at various key points all over the planet, the physical properties of corn fields allow the patterns formed by these fields to become visible.

These fields may be observed as rotating clockwise or anti-clockwise, depending on the movement of the charges responsible. The often reported humming, crackling or highly pitched sounds that accompany the arrival of the field, as well as the luminescence seen at night, are both characteristic of the discharges caused by an electromagnetically charged field. The luminous effects may be in the form of pulsating points of light, a ‘flame’, a tenuous web of lines or an aura surrounding an object. They could well account for many ‘UFO’ sightings. Lines, sometimes seen connecting the corn circles or radiating outwards, as well as the odd and seemingly unrelated patterns, can be caused by voriceal fields which sometime overlap as they follow each other. The right-angled ‘flows’ become quite evident during computer simulations of vorticeal flow mechanics. This is not a new idea – The Egyptians saw all structuring in Nature as pattern formation with a mathematical underpinning, an idea later adopted as ‘geometry’ by the Pythagorean schools in Greece.

In ancient vedic times, these field patterns were referred to as the ’Akashic record’. They have been identified recently as the Van Allen Belts of radiation that surround the earth. Professor Oliver L. Rider of the University of Pittsburgh has theorised that ‘….two possible functions of the Van Allen radiation belts may be – to serve as global storage systems of earth history an to act as a memory vehicle for archetypal forms. Such a “picture gallery” would be comparable to the Akashic record of Hindu philosophy’.

As the electromagnetic vorticeal fields align themselves to existing energetic patterns within the earth’s telluric paths, this creates many of the strange designs seen in corn fields which become, therefore, naturally occurring ‘stencils’ for the registration of field patterns, as opposed to those which have been contrived. Such workings of Nature are understood best in the area of biophysics. The human organism mirrors perfectly those processes relative to the behaviour of the universe and thus, of Nature itself.

HUMAN INTERACTION: At locations where vorticeal EM fields concentrate, certain biophysical effects often result if one enters the field’s zone of influence. For example:  Stimulation of enzyme activity and nervous system responses. One researcher searcher reported a healing process occurred during exposure.

 Stimulation and alteration of natural cell metabolism which results in warmth, tactile sensations, tingling or pressure.

 Visual sensations and possible altered states of consciousness which may be interpreted by some investigators as hallucinations. Interestingly, similar effects have been registered with subjects after experiences in pyramid or dome-shaped structures which act as amplifiers and resonators of low EM energy fields.

ELECTRONIC RECORDINGS: Sensitive electronic equipment may be effected by the Em fields, as has been experienced by photographic and recording teams at the Wessex Triangle sites.

This also occurred during 1968-69 when US scientists attempted to x-ray the pyramid of Chephren at Giza to determine the existence of hidden internal chambers. Their recorders ran 24 hours a day for more than a year but, when they attempted to analyse the tapes, the scientists had to admit defeat: the readings made no sense at all! Quoted as ‘scientifically impossible’ by Amr Gohed, the project leader, he added ‘there is some force in the pyramid that defies the laws of science.’

At a spiritual center near Suva, a traditional pyramid-shaped Fijian temple has been erected and similar phenomena have occurred here. Not only have strange anomalies often appeared in images captured on film but, in many cases, cameras have ceased to function. The information presented here related to vorticeal energy fields does not constitute some revolutionary theory – it echoes a once-universal understanding held by every high civilization of the past. Simply, the earth is a living, breathing organism whose requirements for a healthy existence are being damaged. If we treat her as our ‘mother’, as more enlightened ‘primitive’ societies have done, we may well avert the crises facing our planet.

FURTHER OBSERVATIONS: All thing in nature are mostly organised in patterns and maintained by electromagnetic (EM) fields. This is an expression of one fundamental field of formative energy often called ‘ether’, ‘zero-point energy’, ‘tachyon field’ or ‘unified field’, it contains the potential for the emergence of matter and acts as the responsible agent for form, growth and behavioral patterns throughout nature (morphogenesis).

Dr. Sergei Barsamian, a bio-physicist and chairman of the International Bio-Dieletrics committee at Bethesda , Maryland and member of New York Academy of Scientists, has shown experimentally that this process is one of induction. Energetic information held in the formative field effectively influences the energy field of another natural system when a state of coherence (sympathetic vibration) occurs.

Charged particles can be attracted and localised in space following the laws applicable to field charges and the laws of matter and physics.


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